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Model 1730 Intracellular Frame Assembly

Model 1730 Intracellular Frame Assembly is designed primarily for intracellular recording and stimulation where high inertia, precision and clear access to the head during surgery are paramount.

Cell penetration without surrounding damage demands the utmost in technique. This instrument has the mass and rigidity necessary for use with ultra-fine micro manipulators or micropositioners. Designed specifically for use with the Kopf 1760 series Micro Manipulators. Manipulator product specifications and options are located here.

A/P Bar(s) – 21.65 mm square

A/P Bar length – 30.50 cm

A/P Bar calibration – 100 mm each side of zero (ear bar centerline)

Frame Bar centerline distance – 17.78 cm

A/P zero to posterior end of bar -12.08 cm

Ear Bar Locator position – A/P zero

Model 1730 Frame Assembly including one set of ear bar locators is fixed to an ultra-heavy Model 1725 Universal Clamp which is mounted on a 1″ diameter Stand Post. Outboard ends of the

A/P bars are mounted on 12.7 mm diameter

Model 1735 Vertical Outboard Posts, which are secured at the ends with a tie bar to stop any vibration.

Model 1745 Cat / Monkey Adaptor locates the animal firmly and accurately by means of tapered ear bars which fit into the external auditory meatus. Adjustable infra-orbital clamps and a vertically adjustable palate bar prevent rotation of the skull.

Eye Bar A/P adjustment – 20.5 mm

Palate Bar D/V adjustment – 45 mm

Adaptor Plate A/P adjustment – 34.9 mm

Ear Bars – Model 1751 Standard Solid Ear Bars

(9.4 mm square with 50 mm calibration).

This complete unit is mounted to Model 1711 aluminum base plate with four rubber feet to help dampen vibration.

Plate Dimensions: 22″ L x 12″ W x 1½” H


  • Delivers the ultimate in stereotaxic performance when there is no substitute for rigidity.
  • While constructed for cats and monkeys, can accommodate other animals of this size or smaller by changing adaptors.
  • Frame variations for special applications available upon request.
  • Able to add accessories to meet future needs.

Model 1730 Standard Accessories

(supplied with Model 1730)

Model 1730-B Intracellular Frame Assembly includes: Stereotaxic “U” Frame with one set of ear bar locators

Model 1711 Intracellular Base Plate

Model 1725 Universal Clamp and Stand Post

Model 1735 Vertical Outboard Posts and Tie Bar

Model 1745 Cat / Monkey Adaptor including one set of

Model 1751 Standard Solid Ear Bars

(manipulators sold separately)

The majority of Kopf animal adaptors can be used with this stereotaxic frame. The 1700 series ear bars are required.

Optional Accessories

Model 1460-LB, 1460-61 Electrode Manipulators

(LB series fits 21.65 mm A/P bar)

Model 1760-SB, 1760-61-SB Micro Manipulators

Model 1749 Electrode Manipulator Stand

Model 1750 Calibrated A/P Zeroing Bar

Model 1755 Electrode Angle Calibrator