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Bilaney Consultants

Bilaney Consultants, based in Germany and the UK, supply quality research equipment and software to life scientists and biomedical researchers in Europe since 1966. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the product or need support.

David Kopf Instruments Stereotaxic Systems - David Kopf Instruments designs and manufactures a complete line of high quality stereotaxic instruments and accessories for neurophysiological research. Micropositioners - high precision and reliability from David Kopf Instruments, the leader for more than 50 years.

Actimetrics Actimetrics make automated systems for animal behavioral testing; they emphasize ease of use and the application of modern signal and image processing techniques to current problems in neuroscience. Dozens of features designed for high throughput data collection and analysis benefit large and small users alike.

Coulbourn Instruments Coulbourn Instruments has been providing quality behavioral and physiological research instrumentation to leading scientists worldwide for 40 years. Complete hardware/software integrated systems for in vivo studies in toxicology, pharmacology, and neuroscience for learning and memory, activity, anxiety, addiction, metabolism, contextual fear, acoustic startle, circadian rhythms, drug screening, and more.

CiteDrive Coming soon

San Diego Instruments For more than 30 years, San Diego Instruments has served the scientific community as a comprehensive resource for designing, manufacturing, and distributing behavioral neuroscience research instruments used in human and animal studies. Utilized in laboratories and cited in research papers worldwide, SDI systems have come to represent the industry standard for quality and longevity. Our premier SR-LAB™ is the world’s most widely used startle response system.

Plastics One Are you spending precious time building your parts for preclinical research? Do you know you don’t have to? From infusion cannulas and electrophysiology systems to optogenetic components and invivo research necessities, PlasticsOne knows well the importance of frontline neuroscience preclinical research practiced by scientists worldwide. After all, we’ve been partnering with many of you for over 30 years!

iWorx iWorx offers a complete family of easy-to-use TA (Teaching Assistant) lab teaching kits for human, animal, exercise and psychological physiology as well as neurobiology. The kits provide all of the instrumentation, software, and professionally developed courseware to perform hundreds of college level laboratory experiments and exercises.

Innovassynth Innovassynth Technologies (India) Limited has very successful partnerships with several prestigious global companies across the world since the time of our inception. Our global clients gain a huge competitive advantage through our shorter time to progressive development milestones and market launch. The company has identified NUCLEOSIDES as a niche area and earned a reputation as a supplier of various protected Nucleosides and a partner for Process research.