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Animal Grip Strength

Test grip strength more easily than ever before.

SDI’s Animal Grip Strength System provides flexibility in your fore and hind limb grip strength testing by offering adjustable mesh grips with a range from 0-45° and gauges with varying capacities to suit your subjects’ size and study parameters.


  • Test fore and hind strength in one pass
  • Grip Strength platform keeps animal focused on the gauge for most accurate results
  • Avoid down time and errors by running test with the optional PC interface
  • A basic system includes the platform, one gauge and a grip


Designed to make testing grip strength easier and flexible, The SDI Animal Grip Strength System can mount either one or two force gauges and provides a channel meant to keep the animal focused on the gauge.

Adjustable mesh grips provide a bigger gripping target than most and works for either rats or mice. Set up your system for rats or mice using gauge mountings with adjustable height and spacing. You can test with speed by using both gauges if desired, in addition to testing both fore and hind limb strength in a single pass.

Animal Grip Strength System Highlights:#

One Grip for Both Fore and Hind Limb Testing

SDI’s mesh grip can be adjusted from 0°to 45° without removing the grip from the gauge—inviting you to use it to study fore limb and hind limb grip strength in one pass. Additionally, the adjustable grip is not limited to the fixed angle found on other hind limb grips, and instead allows you to set the angle needed to obtain optimum results.

No More Switching Gauges Between Fore and Hind Limb Testing

Grip Strength gauges come in different maximum capacities (below) and can all be read in both directions: pulling and pushing. This eliminates any need to dismount and turn the gauge around when switching between fore limb (pulling) and hind limb (pushing) testing. Plus, you can be assured your data is accurate since maximum force will be locked until you reset it.

Available gauges

10lb./5 kilo gauge for both rats and mice, includes Metric, Newton and Lbs/Ozs scales. All gauges come with a USB interface and Serial Interface.

PC Interface Provides Optimum Accuracy and Speed

When the Grip Strength System is used with the optional PC interface, down time and run time error are virtually eliminated. All control of the gauge’s pulling, pushing, and maximum force recording is controlled by the SDI Grip Strength Software.

SDI Grip Strength Software

Give your study the greatest accuracy and flexibility with the SDI Grip Strength Software.

Record your session data automatically and store it in a single file—negating worries about lost sessions. In addition, avoid run time data entry by using the software to define all details of your study in advance. When you are ready, you’ll be able to display your data right on your computer monitor or choose to export it with one click to Microsoft® Excel or another delimited file type (TAB, CSV, etc.).

  • Define Your Study in Advance

Make sure you collect the most accurate data possible by defining each of your planned test sessions. You may plan session parameters, set subject identifiers, assign subjects to specific test stations, and specify subject parameters such as dose level. To keep from losing any critical data, it will all be stored in a single file format.

  • Automatically Run Sessions

Defining your study in advance not only saves you time by automating sessions, but eliminates run time decisions and data entry that can cause mistakes. You’ll also ensure your results are tightly coupled to your predefined subject identifiers. Simply follow the Grip Strength software instructions to execute the test session.

  • Export Directly to Microsoft® Excel (or any delimited file type)

The SDI Grip Strength software makes table formatted results available for direct export to Microsoft® Excel or to a delimited file type (TAB, CSV, etc.) and automatically identifies data by column headers. Since the data is exported from a single file, you won’t lose critical information and you’ll save time by removing the need to aggregate multiple single files and possibly reformat them again.

System Components Include#
  • 1 or 2 Force Gauges
  • Adjustable grips
  • Adjustable width animal channel
  • Acrylic base
  • Software (with PC Interface option)
  • User Manual
  • All Cables and Connectors


Outside Dimensions 26” (W) x 9” (D) x 9.5” (H)

Animal Channel Dimensions

Adjustable 1” to 5” (W)

Gauge Mount Dimensions

Adjustable 5.5” to 8.25”

Material Composition


Maximum # Stations One

Standard Cable Length

6 ft. for digital gauge with PC output

Color Options