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David Kopf Instruments: Micropositioners – Model 2662 & Model 2650

David Kopf Instruments: Micropositioners – Model 2662 and  Model 2650 on our website.

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David Kopf Instruments – Stereotaxic Instruments, Adaptors (Animal), Micropositioners, Spinal, Drills [Catalog, Bilaney UK – 2013] – PDF

David Kopf Instruments has compiled an easy to read condensed catalog to provide our customers with an outline of the various products we manufacture. We encourage customers to contact our customer service for assistance in assembling a stereotaxic instrumentation package. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to identify which stereotaxic frame set-up, animal adaptor(s) and surgical tools are needed to fulfill your research requirements. For complete product information and specifications please visit

David Kopf Instruments PDF icon_pdf