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Kopf Instruments

Stereotaxic Instruments#

Kopf Stereotaxic Instruments is a versatile, easy-to-use instrument that facilitates proper alignment of small or large animals for the stereotaxic placement of electrodes, micropipettes, cannula and other devices. The precise manner in which the instrument is built and assembled assures that the research will be able to make accurate and repeatable placements.

Stereotaxic Accessories#

Kopf manufactures the largest variety of animal adaptors and ear bars. We offer a multitude of stereotaxic holders designed to hold cannula, syringes, electrodes, micro dialysis probes; we can provide custom holders for specific applications. In addition, our vast product line includes Microinjection Units, Drills, Alignment Tools, Temperature Controllers and Stage Platforms.

Spinal Instruments#

Kopf Spinal Instruments are ideal for a variety of spinal procedures. We offer numerous spinal accessories making these units extremely versatile for use with a multitude of small or large animals.


Kopf Micropositioners offer a wide range of products for micropositioning that combine rapid motion with micro meter scale resolution. State-of-the-art technology provides options for high penetration velocity as well as hydraulic movement for applications requiring the reduction of electronic noise.