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Programmable Animal Shocker

Deliver scrambled shock through eight grid outputs

The SDI Programmable Animal Shocker system scrambles the delivery of shocks so animals cannot detect a pattern. The system is a multi-function, solid state unit that utilizes 8 unique outputs to deliver the scrambled shocks. The 8 unique outputs are designed to be attached to a grid floor with multiple rods.

Set your shock trigger and levels manually or programmatically with ANY-maze-and for the first time with any system of this type, see the actual shock delivered to the animal.


  • Adjust shock delivery and level through software or manually
  • Programmable and manual adjustment modes in a single unit
  • Display of current levels being administered


Deliver Shocks Manually or via Software

The delivery of the shock can be triggered manually by the shock initiate switch on the front panel or programmatically by a 5V TTL signal. The shock trigger lines are independent from the shock level lines. The use of the TTL signal means almost any digital I/O card can be used to trigger the shock.

Set Shock Amplitude Manually or via Software

You set the shock amplitude in manual mode using the Current Adjust knob on the front panel or programmable mode using the Programmed Input plug at the rear of the Programmable Animal Shocker. A single byte(8 bits) is sent to set the shock level. Each bit is a 5V TTL signal which means almost any digital I/O card can be used to set the shock. The front panel display remains active while you adjust the shock levels.

Display Actual Shock Levels

The SDI Programmable Animal Shocker system has a feedback loop that senses the actual shock level being administered. The actual shock level is displayed. The shock level may vary from the initial setting for an animal due to the resistance of the animal. This resistance can change for example from something as mundane as damp paws versus dry paws. Verification of the actual shock level being delivered will assist you in determining if the animal is receiving sufficient shock.

Use a Computer Interface

The SDI Programmable Animal Shocker has connections for shock trigger and setting the shock level. The user must supply the PC Interface card and software necessary to initiate these features.

Animal Shocker System Components:

  • 12 VDC power supply
  • Shocker chassis
  • 8 conductor cable

Optional Components Available for Purchase:

  • Control Port Option for Program Mode


Dimensions 8″ W x 9″ D x 3 1/2″ H

Material Composition Aluminum