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AIRSTIM with Software

Tests Avoidance learning by motivating an animal’s normal sensory pathways through the control of software.

Now you can control two individual air puff outputs with the click of a mouse using the Air Stim with Software System. The system requires no programming knowledge—just plug in a USB cable, then point-and-click to get started. The Air Stim system is also highly portable. Move it from site to site as needed. The system offers a regulator that is used for fine adjustment below 60 psi, however you will need to supply the air source with a regulator to reduce incoming pressure to 60 psi or lower


  • Air Puff stimulation is a kinder and gentler method of motivation
  • Motivate animals via normal sensory pathways
  • Connect the software to the unit with a standard USB interface
  • Control the two air delivery outputs individually


The SDI AIRSTIM with Software System provides air puff stimulation to the animal’s sensory pathways in an easily portable, freestanding unit. Deliver stimulation as a series of air puffs, with puff duration and inter-puff interval controlled by a simple script file in the software.

Using a standard USB interface, connect the AIRSTIM with Software System to your computer, point-and-click to develop a simple script for delivering the air puffs, and run the test. You can also save your script files for reuse later-making future testing even easier.

Offering two independent air delivery outputs, the regulator on the AIRSTIM with Software System is used for fine adjustment below 60 psi. To reduce the incoming air pressure to 60 psi or lower use a regulator on the air tank. For delivery of the air puffs to the subject purchase air delivery tubes or supply your own air delivery mechanism.

AIRSTIM™ with Software System Components:

  • Regulator
  • Two solenoids
  • Timing and purge controls
  • Indicator lights
  • Flexible tubing
  • Compression connectors
  • Integrated USB interface and software
  • Manual operation switch (optional)


Dimensions 9” (W) x 12” (D) x 3” (H)

Maximum Pressure

60 PSI

Material Composition

Hair Cell ABS

Maximum # Stations 2 – Right and Left

Standard Cable Length

8 ft.