Morris Water Maze

Morris Water Maze

Water Maze

SDI Morris Water Maze: Ideal for testing spatial and learning memory, the Water Maze’s design prompts animals to escape from water onto a submerged platform, using spatial cues to learn the platform’s location. San Diego Instruments (SDI) offers blue and white color tanks with no seams in the walls, avoiding inadvertent cues. Featuring nearly vertical walls and flat bottoms, the tank’s platform can be placed anywhere. SDI’s Water Maze also offers clear rectangular or round top multi-step platforms eliminating the need to color the water. SDI’s Water Maze platforms are available in fixed or adjustable height. Backed by a one-year warranty and our first-rate customer service, purchasing a WaterMaze from SDI guarantees you an exemplary product and ongoing support.

  • Rat and mouse models
  • Blue or white tank color options
  • Clear platforms come in a rectangular or round option
  • Fixed or adjustable height
  • Walls are seamless, eliminating inadvertent cues
  • Optional drain kit fits any of SDI’s tanks
  • Durable, high density, polyethylene
  • One-year warranty


Water Tank Dimensions

A 48" 72"
B 30" 30"
CAPACITY 210 gallons 500 gallons
WEIGHT 49 lbs. 73 lbs.

Water Tank Platform Dimensions

BASE 12" square 12" square
D 12.76" 12.76"


Q: What types of enclosures can ANY-maze be used with?
A: Water maze, radial arm maze, almost any type of maze, enclosure or field that is visible from above or open fields.

Q: How big of an enclosure can I use with ANY-maze?
A: For every one horizontal foot, you must have at least 1 ½ feet of vertical space available. For a six foot water maze, you must have a 9 foot ceiling. Wide angle lenses can be used to lower the vertical height requirement.