Tru Scan Activity System

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The TruScan system is a versatile and simple system to monitor open field tests in rodents.

  • Robust open-field test
  • Small Arenas for Mice
  • Expandable up to 10 stations
  • Hole-board option
  • Stimulus control option (Audio, Visual and Electrical Stimuli)


Item Listing

Item# Description EU List Price
L18-16XHS-10A TruScan 2.0 System Expander Box (for 2 to 10 stations) Request Quote
E63-01HS TruScan Linc Request Quote
E63-10 Cage for TruScan, Mouse Request Quote
E63-20 Cage for TruScan, Rat Request Quote
E63-10-DP Replacement Drop Pan, Mouse Request Quote
E63-20-DP Replacement Drop Pan, Rat Request Quote
E63-12 Sensor Ring, Mouse Request Quote
E63-22 Sensor Ring, Rat Request Quote
E63-13 Shock Floor, Mouse Request Quote
E63-23 Shock Floor, Rat Request Quote
E63-19 Arena Lid, Mouse (recommended when using shocks) Request Quote
E63-29 Arena Lid, Rat (recommended when using shocks) Request Quote
E63-14 Nose Poke Floor, Mouse Request Quote
E63-24 Nose Poke Floor, Rat Request Quote
E63-26 Light/Dark Box Accessories, Rat Request Quote
E63-16 Light/Dark Box Accessories, Mouse Request Quote
E63-91 Elevation Rod Kit Request Quote
E63-03 HI-BRITE Cue For TruScan Arena Request Quote
A69-20 Tone/White Noise Generator (requires speaker) Request Quote
H12-01R Speaker module, Rat Request Quote
H94-00 Wall Mount Bracket for H-series Speakers Request Quote
H29-01 Balance Arm for all Cages and Hubs Request Quote
H10-24TS Isolation Cubicle for TruScan


Specifications E63-12 E63-22
Sensor Ring Model Mouse Rat
Sensor Ring Dimensions 10 x 10 in (25 x 25 cm) 16 x 16 in (40 x 40 cm)


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One E63-10-DP (or E63-20-DP) Drop Pan is included with each E63-10 (or E63-20) Arena (cage). Extra Drop Pans are available. With extra drop pans, you can replace the drop pans between subjects and be ready to run as soon as the next subject is placed in the Mouse Arena.

Tru Scan’s Photo Beam sensor rings are separate from the station’s processor rather than being built together in a large case in which a clumsy single-piece test arena rests. There is only one type of sensor ring (sized for each arena). It senses in two dimensions (X&Y) and you use the same ring for floor plane, rearing or nose poke. You can do all 3 measures (with 3 rings) at the same time! The system logs X-Y coordinates instead of just a “yes or no” when monitoring nose poke or rearing. The rings are flat so that you can do nose poke and floor plane recording together.

The shock floor may be connected to any of our shockers which in turn may be controlled by one of the stimulus outputs of the Tru Scan Linc.

The optional nose poke floors have a 16 holes (4 X 4 array ) with an underlying food tray. Because Tru Scan software records coordinates from sensor rings, it is possible to analyze the sequence in which the holes are accessed as well as when each hole is accessed. The nose poke floors are great for memory protocols.

The light/dark or retreat box covering 1/2 of the cage has a door to let the animal pass. Data acquisition protocols allow selection of any half of the cage as the “data area” so that entries, movements and time spent in the box may be recorded. This “solid black” box has no holes for the Photo Beams so it doesn’t let in ambient light, but it is transparent to the Photo Beams.

The Lid for the E63-19 Mouse Arena (cage) is recommended when using shock stimulus with the Tru Scan system and is required when using a visual cue to mount the the E63-03 Hi-Brite Cue above the Mouse Arena.

Full Description

TruScan is a versatile and simple system to monitor open field tests.

Utilizing interchangeable sensor rings, TruScan ensures precise tracking in up to three planes. Nose poke task, place preference, conditioned freezing, light/dark tests can also be performed in our TruScan test arenas.

Additional accessories, such as shock floors, video mounted TV cameras, high-brite cue, noise/tone generators and wall mounting brackets are available for use with the system, making TruScan extremely functional and flexible.

Experimental protocols are setup through a simple point-and- click user interface, saved and recalled by number for future use. All selected data is compiled and analyzed according to the parameters defined in the protocol.

Versatility and simplicity are the defining benefits of TruScan. All selected data is gathered, analyzed and presented in the same way whenever the experimental protocol is run without reselection.

The software also features subject, operator and protocol IDs as well as automatic data storage and stimulus presentation, if desired. Data analysis is fully automated for each subject or across subjects with results presented in a table or graphically. Results are calculated for all userselected parameters. Graphical data can be copy-pasted directly into publication documents.

Data is stored as raw coordinate sets with real time date stamps for each of the sensor rings used. This allows experiments to be re-run without animals to re-analyze data, using more and shorter histogram bins or new data elements to find other behaviors or effects not observed in the original analysis. This unique feature minimizes the number of animals needing to be tested. Raw data may also be easily exported to a spreadsheet for further statistical analysis.

The TruScan system offers two arena sizes – one for mice and one for rats – thus optimizing environmental area and beam spacing to be appropriate for each species, resulting in greater overall system accuracy. A slide-out floor/drop pan facilitates easier maintenance. Tru Scan stimulus accessories are available for increased flexibility of the system. Nose poke task, place preference, conditioned freezing, light/dark test can also be performed with the TruScan test arenas.