The Preclinical Research Division of Plastics One provides expert design and manufacture of in-vivo neuroscience research components. We provide researchers worldwide, including pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutions with standard and custom designed components to meet each specific application. We offer numerous designs and sizes of cannulas, multi-channel electrodes, osmotic pump connector cannulas, brain matrices, commutators and cables.

We are prepared to modify any of our existing components, and to build special designs submitted by our researchers. Our cannulas and electrodes are used throughout the world by neuroscientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, biologists, neurochemists, oncologists, etc., who are studying diseases of the brain and central nervous system.

After more than five decades, we have earned the reputation as the world's leading source for in-vivo cannula systems, stimulating/recording electrodes, electrical commutators, multi-channel electrodes and other components required for in-vivo infusion and electrical stimulation. We firmly believe that once you try our products, you will find a way to begin using them and stop the time consuming job of making your own.

Included in our Products are miniature cannula systems, an expanded line of gauges in cannula systems, combination osmotic pump connector cannulas with guide cannulas in single and double versions, multi channel electrode systems including custom electrodes, cables, commutators and custom plugs to fit your equipment.

Our Sales Team and seasoned manufacturing and Design Engineers enable us to provide our customers with input and prototyping services. Our assembly expertise allows us to have a superior product trusted in the medical industry. We utilize a Lean Manufacturing concept in our assembly to produce the best quality possible to our customers.