Cannula Infusion Systems

Invivo Research Cannula Infusion Systems are ideal for acute and/or chronic drug administration in animals of all sizes. These systems deliver drugs, crystals, fluid agents, and fiber optics to the researcher’s specified location and are proudly made in the USA with highest quality. Customized Infusion Systems from PlasticsOne are specifically made to each researcher’s requirements. With over 30 years of experience in the field of Neuroscience, our Cannula Infusion System is an industry standard for researchers around the world.

Three basic parts make up the Infusion Systems:

Guide cannula
Is implanted into the animal and used to guide the internal cannula to a specified depth.
Internal cannula
Delivers drugs, crystals, fluid agents, and fiber optics to specific sites and depths within the brain.
Dummy cannula
Inserts into the guide to protect the brain when there is no infusion or delivery taking place.

Add PlasticsOne’s components, such as mounting screws, screwdrivers, PE or vinyl tubing, infusion connector assemblies, mounting holders, drill bits, and drill holders, as needed to complete a system. Infusion Catalog


Cannula system components are made with stainless steel or non-metallic materials such as PEEK, Teflon, and fused silica glass that can be used with MRI studies. These professionally designed systems are offered in a wide range of customized lengths that work in small animals like neonatal mice, and also in large animals such as non-human primates. To accommodate all sizes, PlasticsOne, also offers varying pedestal heights made with each material, and multiple gauge sizes to fit each requirement.

For researchers interested in doing specialized work in two areas of the brain, we offer Double, or Bilateral, Infusion Cannulas. For Bilateral cannulas, each researcher’s predetermined coordinates are cut and customized during the ordering process. The center-to-center distance between each cannula can also be customized. Predetermined distances are available, but every specific distance is not already listed on the website. When a distance is not listed, our customer service agents will gladly help to create a solution.

Our product line also offers other cannulas in standard and custom configurations such as:

  • Osmotic Pump Cannulas used in conjunction with an osmotic pump to offer the option of continuous infusion. They are made with various gauge sizes and lengths that can be customized without the use of rings to adjust the depth. A Guide-Osmotic Pump Cannula is also available when an additional injection or administration is needed while using an osmotic pump
  • Acute Cannulas, which have a recessed top for easier direct injection with a syringe and are typically used in periodic acute injections.
  • Back-Mounted Cannulas and Cannula Connector Pedestals have a 90 degree bend to be used with self-administration studies.
  • Flanged Cannulas are designed to eliminate the need for dental cement by placing screws in the holes of the flanged cannula.
  • Push-Pull Cannulas are for use with a combination vacuum and pressure pump to provide a continuous perfusion of fluid at a specific location.
  • Screw Guide Cannulas are stainless steel, or Teflon screws that guides a syringe needle to an injection site. The dummy is inserted when not injecting to prevent tissue entry.
  • Guide Cannula-Electrode Combination is used when a researcher requires infusion in addition to electrical stimulation or recording.