EndNote 8 – Windows Word Processor Compatibility

EndNote 8 is an old version that is no longer available. The latest version is EndNote X9 – with much more features! Buy now:

Windows Word Processor Compatibility


Word Processor / EndNote Version 8.0 7.0 6.0.2 5.0.2 4.0.1
Corel WordPerfect 7 X X X A A
Corel WordPerfect 8 X X X A A
Corel WordPerfect 9 (2000) X A A A A
Corel WordPerfect 10 (2002) M A A A X
Corel WordPerfect 11 SP1 M A X X X
Corel WordPerfect 12 M X X X X
Microsoft Word 7 (95) X X X A A
Microsoft Word 8 (97) X C C C A
Microsoft Word 2000 C C C C A
Microsoft Word XP (2002) C C C C X
Microsoft Word 2003 C C C C X

A = Add-in
C = Cite While You Write
X = Not Compatible
M = More Information…

You can also use the “RTF Document Scan” feature in EndNote 7 to scan and format RTF (rich text format) files created by these and many other word processors including Ami-Pro, FrameMaker (RTF only, not MIF format), OpenOffice, StarOffice, and others.

**WordPerfect 10-12 and EndNote 8

The EndNote 8 addin is not currently available for integration with any version of WordPerfect. With the addition of Unicode, we were unable to complete development of this feature. At this time we cannot offer any further information on the availability of an addin for WordPerfect, but if you would like to be informed of any updates on this issue please register for notification here. 

In the meantime, you can use the RTF Document Scan feature of EndNote to format your WordPerfect papers saved as RTF files. For more details and exact instructions, please see the section entitled “Scanning and Formatting RTF Files” in EndNote’s Help system or see Chapter 12 in the EndNote 8 manual. Please note one correction to the procedures outlined for this feature in the Help system and manual. When you paste citations into your document, you need to use the “Paste without Font/Attributes” command instead of the “Paste” command. You can select “Paste without Font/Attributes” by right-clicking on the document, or you can also invoke it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V. This will insert the citation into your document in the format necessary for the RTF Document Scan to work.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for using EndNote.

Word 2003
Microsoft Word 2003 is certified for use with EndNote versions 5/6/7/8. EndNote 8 is fully compatible with Word 2003. EndNote  versions 5/6/7 were not initially designed to work with Word 2003, but we have found no incompatibilities and you should be able to use these versions of EndNote with Word 2003 without trouble. However, it may be necessary to manually install the EndNote Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools into Word in order to get the programs to work together. Click here for instructions on manually installing the tools into Microsoft Word.