Dual Range Force Transducer (0 to 10g and 0 to 100g)

Dual Range Force Transducer (0 to 10g and 0 to 100g)

The FT-302 is a high sensitivity dual-range research grade force transducer designed to measure forces in the 0.005 to 10 gram and 0 to 100 gram ranges. The FT-302 exhibits excellent isometric properties. In addition, its unique optical technology makes it resistant to drift and offers intrinsically low noise characteristics. The FT-302's on-board amplifiers reduce gain and adjustment requirements on recording amplifiers to which it may be connected.

The transducer is highly resistant to mechanical damage; its body is machined from aluminum and mounts to a standard ring stand or, with the handle removed, clamp mounts. The cable that connects the FT-302 to the recording amplifier is detachable, allowing for multiple cables to be configured for the user's choice of amplifiers. The FT-302 requires a signal conditioner such as the IA-400D, ETH-256 or ETH-401. The FT-302 also directly connects to the iWorx Recorders without amplification.

FT-302 Specifications

Sensitivity: >60 mV/g (0-10 g)

Drift: ±<30 mg/hr (0-10 g), thermally compensated

Noise: 3.0 mg max (0-10 g)

Excitation Voltage: +/-5.0 V

Dimensions: 1.125 in. W x 3.0 in. L x 0.6 in. H

Handle Length: 2.54 in.