Stereotaxic Accessories

Kopf manufactures the largest variety of animal adaptors and ear bars. We offer a multitude of stereotaxic holders designed to hold cannula, syringes, electrodes, micro dialysis probes; we can provide custom holders for specific applications. In addition, our vast product line includes Microinjection Units, Drills, Alignment Tools, Temperature Controllers and Stage Platforms.

Adaptors (Animal)

Adaptors for animals, such as bird, cat, dog, ferret/mink, guinea pig, monkey, mouse, neonatal lamb, neonatal rat, piglet, prairie vole, rabbit, rat, Siberian hamster and special adaptors
Adaptor Slide
Adjustable Stage Platform
Alignment Tool
Anesthesia Mask
Angle Calibrator, A/P Zeroing Bar & Stands
A.P. Slide Attachment
Base Plates
Brain Matrices
Ear Bars
Ear Bar Adaptor
Microinjection Unit
Stereotaxic Holders
Stereotaxic Tools for Model 1900
Temperature Controller
Pipette Puller Heating Elements