Habitest Modular System

HABITEST is designed to make it possible to implement most behavioral test protocols in a single system of modular test arenas using modular stimulus and response devices. HABITEST applications span the behavioral gamut, including mazes and runways, operant conditioning, spatial activity, ergometry, active and passive avoidance, fear conditioning, place preference, feeding and drinking and many more.
With HABITEST you can create an endless variety of test environments – from simple mazes to complex, multi-compartment feeding and drinking, operant, and live/work environments. You’re investment in HABITEST is protected, unlike competitive systems you can instantly and seamlessly reconfigure the system for an endless variety of experimental modalities.


Since it was introduced in 1998, Graphic State Notation® has become the industry standard in high performance state notation software. Our easy-to-master interface requires no programming skills and our pre-built protocols get you up and running in minutes. Newly launched Graphic State IV allows researchers to create interactive behavioral experiment protocols in minutes for standard experiments such as Passive Avoidance, Delayed Match-to-Sample, Self Administration yet is versatile and flexible to also allow the most complex, novel experiment protocols. The system will run up to 16 subjects simultaneously using either the same protocol or up to 16 different ones! An automated protocol check procedure ensures that protocols are complete and will terminate properly. Data analysis is provided in both numeric and graphic format and includes selectable analysis structures for both single subject and group averages.  Clients working with competitive systems may also enjoy the ease of use, flexibility and power of Graphic State IV.


The HABITEST system offers a wide variety of arenas, including Test Cages, Shuttle Cages, Isolation Cubicles, Hubs, Runways, Running Wheels and Nest Boxes. Whatever your application, the HABITEST system has available test cages for mice and other small animals up to rats, pigeons and small primates.


HABITEST stimulus and response modules slip into the tracks of the cages and hubs from the top. Blank module panels are used to space the functional modules to the desired height and to fill the bay. By installing blank panels below modules, they may be
adjusted to any desired height from the floor.
Most of the devices on the modules are confined to the space projected rearward by the face dimensions, thus permitting most modules to occupy any position and be adjacent to most other modules. No module, including a retreat box or runway, will interfere with any other module in any hub owing to the radial array of the module bays.
HABITEST S-R modules include those for Visual Stimuli, Auditory Stimuli, Shockers, Liquid Feeders, Dry Feeders, Olfactory Stimuli and Ergometric Activity.


The HABITEST system boasts a huge variety of response sensors, including:
Photocell Response Sensors
Fixed Response Levers
Nose Poke Operandum
Bird Pecking Keys
Retractable Levers
Optical Lickometer
Contact Sensor
IR Ceiling Mount Activity Monitor
Ceiling Chain


We offer a wide variety of accessories for the Habitest modular system like  infusion pumps designed to administer a fluid/drug at a precise, reproducible flow rate. Typical applications include drug testing, flushing catheters, electrolyte therapy, sucrose gradients, etc. We also have Hand Switches, Balance Arms, Grain Feeders and Fan Modules for mice and rats.