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Barnes Maze

Ideal for testing spatial learning and memory, the Barnes Maze motivates animals to hide from the bright, open platform by finding the small, dark “escape box.” Animals learn the escape box’s location without the stress of swimming or food deprivation and false escape boxes remove the possibility of inadvertent cues. San Diego Instruments (SDI) designed its maze to be easy to use, clean and transport. With a variety of color options, the maze adjusts to fit a wide range of experiments and is compatiable with ANY-Maze Video Tracking. The maze comes in both rat and mouse models and includes 20 explorations holes, 20 false escape boxes and one escape box.

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  • Rat and mouse models
  • Compatible with our BehaviorCloud video tracking system
  • Black, white or beige models (beige offers the most adverse environment)
  • Circular platform diameter: 36” (mice); 48” (rats)
  • 20 exploration holes, 20 false escape boxes and one escape box
  • Made of durable and easy to clean ABS plastic
  • One-year warranty


Maze Dimensions & No. of Holes Rat: 48″ diameter with 20 – 4″ holes Mouse: 36″ diameter with 20 – 2″ holes


36″ (H)

Start Tube

Rat: 12″(H) , 8″(D) Mouse: 8″ (H), 6″(D)

Weight 48″ (Rat Model): 48 lbs. 36″ (Mouse Model): 25 lbs.

Material Composition

Top: White, beige or black plastic Target & False Target Boxes: Black plastic

Color Options

Black, White with a smooth or textured maze platform Note: Target, false target boxes and the maze stand are black plastic. The maze top is available in black, white or beige.