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Evoked Response Potential | Evoked Potential | Evoked Response#

The ideal evoked response system for researchers who have pre-identified landmark areas of the brain for study.

ERP-LAB makes testing evoked response potential as easy and accurate as possible. With only six electrodes to place and software pre-set with P50, P300and Mismatch Negativity paradigms, you will be up and running within minutes.


  • Begin testing P50, P300 and Mismatch Negativity quickly and easily
  • Record and analyze EEG or EOG (for artifact detection)
  • Probe sensory & cognitive processes
  • Run tests using a menu-based software that requires no programming
  • Test anywhere: The portable, eight pound system can be used with a laptop


SDI’s ERP-LAB is ideal for targeted testing of P50, P300 and Mismatch Negativity for research involving the pre- and attention-dependent cognitive effects of Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and other brain abnormalities. Offering two-channel testing: EEG and EOG(for artifact detection), the SDI ERP-LAB is often called “ERP-Light” as it is an easy-to-use version of the traditional evoked response potential test system.

If you have already identified landmark areas of the brain for testing, the ERP-LAB is an ideal system to further research with its simple hardware and software set up, reliable results, and significantly reduced cost compared to traditional ERP systems

System highlights include:

Set Up in Minutes

Set up your ERP-LAB system in minutes by properly placing six electrodes and having the subject don a set of calibrated headphones to administer the acoustic stimuli. This carefully designed system is intended to eliminate often unnecessary hardware, and provide you with the easiest setup possible without compromising accuracy or reliability.

The ERP-LAB hardware includes an eight pound, portable unit with two response modules (bio-amplifiers) and a stimulus module. It also includes six electrodes: Two electrodes to record EEG, and two more to record EOG for artifact detection, reference and ground.

Easy Menu-Based Software—No Programming Required

To run the ERP-LAB software, simply select the paradigm you desire from a menu and run your test—no programming is required. It is preset to run three paradigms: P50, P300 and Mismatch Negativity, all for which the software controls different acoustic stimulus signals for each test.

Once a test is complete, view your raw data to analyze however needed, or choose to view a graph of your averaged results, using the Suppression Ratio and data. Both are options are available with the click of a button. Your output data will contain header data to help you identify the subject and test.

ERP-LAB System Components:

  • Headphones
  • PC Interface Board
  • Electrodes
  • ERP-LAB Software
  • Stimulus & 2 – Response Modules
  • Cables & Connectors


Dimensions 9.25″ (W) x 9.375″ (D) x 5.875″ (H)


4 lbs.

Maximum # Stations


Standard Cable Length 6 ft.

Stimuli Options

Tone, White Noise