Model 608 Chronic Adaptor joins the permanently installed ring mount with the slave cylinder and precision X/Y slide for chronic studies. A positive physiological seal is provided.

Model 608 Standard Accessories
(supplied with Model 608)

608-B X/Y Slide
608-C Cylinder Bracket
608-D Plastic Guide
608-E Electrode Guide
608-F Ring Mount
608-G Ring Mount Seal
608-H Ring Mount Positioner
The weight is approximately 2.5 ounces
(including slave cylinder)

Designed for use with Models 640, 650 and 2650 Micropositioners.

Special request for use with Kopf Models 670 and 2670 Micropositioners.




Model 1460-G Rotation Adaptor allows a third rotation axis with up to 180° of rotation to be added to any Kopf manipulator / micropositioner stereotaxic set up.

All Kopf manipulators have been designed to give maximum versatility with regards to movement and positioning. With our Model 1460-G Rotation Adapter and Kopf micropositioner you can obtain a third rotation axis for achieving specific angles required.

Designed for use with all Kopf micropositioners.




608 Chronic Adaptor

1460-G Rotation Adaptor