We offer Analgesia products through our manufacturer, San Diego Instruments. Please visit their catalog page for more information.

Electronic von Frey
IITC Life Science created the original Electronic von Frey Aesthesiometer which is used to assess mechanical allodynia with rigid tips (threshold) and the “SupertipsTM” (flexible von Frey hairs) are used for sensory test on all test subjects from all animal test subjects and human studies. The current Electronic von Frey Aesthesiometer series enables researchers to use up to 5 total test disciplines with a single unit. Multiple users have the ability to use one single unit for multiple studies.

Hot Plate Analgesia Meter
The IITC Hot Plate Analgesia test is used for latency testing in rats and mice. Parameters are entered via a keypad. The animals are placed on a black anodized aluminum plate which is heated uniformly. Upon seeing a withdrawal motion the foot switch is depressed to record the latency.

Incapacitance Meter

The IITC Incapacitance Meter is used for test assessment of pain and or inflammation of the hind limbs on mice, rats and birds. The technique known as dynamic weight bearing enables the test on both limbs allowing a clean stress free correlation to the paw pressure test.

Incremental Hot/Cold Plate
The original IITC Hot/Cold Plate Analgesia Meter available with ramping temperature from -10 deg. C to 70 deg. C. IITC Life Science developed the first commercially available test apparatus in the world which is capable of truly assessing pharmacological modulation of thermonociception.

Paw Pressure Test Apparatus
IITC the very first digitally controlled paw pressure meter. The unit allows the user to obtain data for analgesic drug testing via the Randall-Selitto method. The hand held Pressure Applicator applies a force to the extremity of the test subjects. Continuous readings of the force applied are provided. The last maximum force applied(Peak) during the test is held in the meter to allow recording of the Peak force for each animal.

Plantar Analgesia Meter
The IITC Plantar Analgesia Meter uses the Hargreaves Method for paw stimulation when measuring he properties of narcotic and stronger non-narcotic drugs. The IITC Plantar Analgesia Meter can be used on mice, rats and other animals(cats, rabbits). With our exclusive “idle state” guide light and guide mirror on top of the test head(heat source) one is assured that the placement of the heat source is focused exactly on the desired paw of the test subject. The unit comes with animal enclosures to test 12 mice or 6 rats allowing rapid testing of large numbers of animals.

Plethysmometer Paw Volume Meter

The paw is inserted into a special water cell which causes a pressure change due to the immersion. The attached meter reports this pressure change in ml. This form of detection eliminates changes due to conductivity alterations at repeated insertions as found on comparable units. The measurements are shown on the units LCD readout at a resolution of 0.01 ml for rats and 0.001 ml for mice. An angled acrylic stand serves to keep the instrument in position for easy viewing. The water cell is attached to an acrylic stand of its own. The fact that there is no “wetting solution” required is a first for this type of unit. The unit also allows for obstruction free viewing of the test subject with free access to the cell. The meter is powered by a 9V battery (with approximately 50 hours of operation) or by a power adapter. Both are supplied with the meter.

Tail Flick Analgesia Meter
The IITC Tail Flick Test apparatus meter measures latency and/or temperature threshold when detecting properties of narcotic and strong non-narcotic drugs on mice and rats. A built-in timer is automatically stopped when the animals’ tail flicks out of the beam of light and the test result will be displayed on the readout.