Stereotaxic Holders – Syringe & Razor Blade

Product Description

Kopf Electrode Holders and Clamping Devices are designed for use with all Kopf Electrode Manipulators. A unique vertical adjustment permits a Kopf holder to be placed as close as possible to the laboratory animal’s head.

Can be mounted either right or left hand in the standard or offset position
A selection of clamping devices to cover most needs.

Standard shaft size unless otherwise specified 17 cm L x 7.9 mm rod diameter. Weight: 3 ounces
All holders are supplied with an 1770-C Upper Bracket and Screw assembly for mounting to any Kopf Electrode Manipulator.

Model 1772 Universal Holder places syringes, large diameter electrodes or drill handpieces stereotaxically. It holds devices from 2.8 mm to 11 mm diameter.

Model 1772-F Universal Holder with Needle Support Foot
features our Model 1772 Universal Holder with needle support foot for stabilizing the needle tip.

1772-F1 is for 6.6mm (.260″) barrel, 26 gauge needle
1772-F2 is for 7.75mm (.305″) barrel, 22 gauge needle
1772-F3 is for 7.75mm (.305″) barrel, 25 gauge needle

Also available for other size syringes – specify when requesting quote

Model 1777 Razor Blade Holder will hold a standard single edged razor blade.


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