Models 1455 and 1755 Electrode Angle Calibrator

Product Description

Kopf Electrode Angle Calibrator provides a quick and reliable method for accurate stereotaxic placement of electrodes at any angle, including right and compound angles. Unit consist of an aluminum base plate and a stainless steel calibrated A/P bar, lateral slide and a rotational vertical post mounted on a zeroing point. The lateral slide has a 0.1 mm vernier attached to a moveable slide block. When the block is set at zero, the zeroing point of the slide is at ear bar zero.

To use the calibrator, A/P, lateral and vertical coordinates are determined, the angle selected and the lateral slide moved to the proper co-ordinate. The manipulator is placed on the A/P bar; the selected angle is set. The manipulator is then adjusted until the electrode tip is at the proper coordinate on the vertical scale.

The A/P and vertical position of the manipulator are then noted and the vertical slide of the manipulator retracted enough to clear the head of the animal when placed on the A/P bar of the stereotaxic frame. Since the noted A/P position is at A/P zero, it is necessary to add or subtract from the dimension to be at the proper A/P coordinate. Advance the vertical slide of the manipulator down to previously noted vertical reading to arrive at the final position.

By removing the rotational vertical post and setting the lateral slide block at zero, the angle calibrator can also be used as an A/P zeroing bar.

Model 1455 is used with the 1460 & 1760-SB series manipulators (18.70 mm A/P bar).

Model 1755 is used with the 1760 & 1460-LB