Model 1966 Single Cannula Holder | Model 1970 Electrode Holder | Model 1971 Syringe Pump Adapter | Model 1972 Syringe Holder

Product Description

Model 1966 Single Cannula Holder is specifically designed to hold a wide variety of Alzet and Plastic One cannulas. It holds a pedestal diameter of 3.5 mm.

Model 1970 Electrode Holder is custom adapted to your specific research requirement.
The holder is designed to hold a specific diameter for maintaining an exact common vertical centerline position. A sample electrode is requested at time of order.

Model 1971 Syringe Pump Adapter is designed to adapt our Model 1972 Syringe Holder for use with an UltraMicroPump.
(photo not shown)

Model 1972 Syringe Holder is designed to stabilize and position a Hamilton 7000.5 and 7001 series microliter syringe during stereotaxic surgery. Unit can be used with Hamilton 75, 700 and 1701 microliter syringes but longer syringe needles are required.

The adjustable needle guide tube supports the needle barrel for accurate alignment. Only the length of needle required to penetrate the brain is exposed during surgery.