Animal Adaptors – Ear Bars & Riser Block – Neonatal Lamb – Piglet

Product Description

Special Adaptors

Model 865 35 mm Offset Ear Bars & Riser Block

With this stereotaxic adaptor accessory the animal’s head can be raised 35 mm in the stereotaxic frame. This is useful for making temporal placements.

Model 866 35 mm Offset Ear Bars, Raised Eye Bars and Inverted Palate Clamp

Model 866 provides a means of getting large diameter lenses and other equipment close to the eyes for visual stimulation. This unit is extremely useful when access to temporal or orbital areas is critical.

Model 865 & Model 866 Special Order – Custom offset height and ear bar tip style is quoted upon request. Please specify stereotaxic frame to be used.

Neonatal Lamb

Model 1247 Neonatal Lamb Adaptor locates the animal firmly and accurately by means of adjustable infra-orbital clamps and a vertically adjustable palate bar. Adaptor is suitable for use with young postnatal lambs.

Eye Bar A/P adjustment – 23.9 mm

Palate Bar D/V adjustment – 49.4 mm

Adaptor Plate A/P adjustment – 34.9 mm

Ear Bars – Model 854 Lamb Solid Ear Bars
(6.3 mm square with 50 mm of calibration).


Model 1541 Piglet Adaptor includes a dual adjustable adaptor plate with tooth bar and snout clamp suitable for piglets up to approximately 22 lbs.

Dorsal/Ventral adjustment – 30 mm

Nose Bar Coronal adjustment – 360°

Nose Bar D/V tilt – 23°

Adaptor Plate A/P adjustment – 43.1 mm

Ear Bars – Model 841 Compound Angled Ear Bars (6.3 mm square with 50 mm of calibration).

Model 1541 compatible with 1530 frame only.