Stereotaxic Accessories – Adjustable Stage Platform – Adaptor Slide – Slide Attachment

Product Description

Adjustable Stage Platform
Model 901 Adjustable Stage Platform

is designed to support the body of a rodent while positioned in the stereotaxic frame. Height and position of platform is adjustable. Platform dimensions compatible for use with Kopf 900 series small animal stereotaxic instruments.

Dimensions: 7.75″ L x 2.5″ W

A/P Slide Attachment
Model 1261 A/P Slide Attachment provides fine control for A/P settings offering 60 mm of A/P adjustment at the end of the lateral manipulator slide. When the manipulator is positioned 90° from vertical, the vertical becomes the A/P and the A/P attachment becomes vertical. In this position, electrodes or pins can be placed in the A/P plane. This is particularly desirable when writing an atlas.
Rack and pinion drive have a 0.1 mm vernier. Model 1261 can be easily attached and removed from any Kopf manipulator. It mounts in place of the Model 1770 Electrode Holder and has fittings so that electrode holders may be mounted on either the right or left end of the slide.

45° Adaptor Slide
Model 1246 45° Adaptor Slide is used for placing parallel electrodes in a 45° plane. It consists of an angle plate on an adjustable 45° sliding block to which an adaptor is mounted.
The angle plane fits into the adaptor slot on the stereotaxic frame.