Product Catalogs

David Kopf Instruments

David Kopf Instruments has compiled an easy to read condensed catalog to provide our customers with an outline of the various products they manufacture.

We encourage customers to contact our customer service for assistance in assembling a stereotaxic instrumentation package. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to identify which stereotaxic frame set-up, animal adaptor(s) and surgical tools are needed to fulfill your research re- quirements.

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San Diego Instruments

San Diego Instruments (SDI) has served the scientific community for over 30 years as a comprehensive resource for the design, manufacture and distribution of scientific testing systems used in human and animal behavioral studies. Utilized in laboratories and cited in research papers worldwide, SDI systems represent the industry benchmark for quality and longevity. Our commitment to developing quality products that stand the test of time is matched only by our dedication to excellent customer service. We take pride in our ever-growing core of loyal clientele.

We are proud to be poised on the cutting-edge of industry trends. Our continual investment in design and development keeps our products one step ahead of the rapidly evolving needs of our clientele. SDI behavioral testing systems afford you the utmost in quality and performance, giving you the edge in an industry where Power, Flexibility and Ease of Use are everything.

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