Bilaney Consultants, based in Germany and the UK, supply quality research equipment and software to life scientists and biomedical researchers in Europe since 1966.

Stereotaxic Surgery

902 stereotaxic systemDavid Kopf Instruments - Quality Stereotaxic systems and accessories.

Stereotaxic accessories
Heating mats
Syringe pumps

Animal Behaviour and Activity Monitoring

Actimetrics: Video and automated systems for animal behavioural testing - ClockLab, FreezeFrame, WaterMaze, LimeLight and Big Brother.

Behavioral Test System: Habitest Modular System with Graphic State control and acquisition software to monitor animal behaviour.
Photobeam Activity System: TruScan software, hardware and animal arenas and accessories.
Animal Acoustic Startle System
: software, hardware and chambers/accessories.

Dustless Precision Pellets from Bio-Serv

Plastics 1 cannulaPlastics One
Standard and Custom Cannula and Electrode Systems


Pipette Pullers

from David Kopf Instruments

Physiological Data Acquisition - LabLinc
Human Startle

EndNote X7Thomson Reuters EndNote and Reference Manager

Reference ManagerEndNote X7 for Windows and Mac

Reference Manager 12

Bibliographic Software - manage your references with these popular programmes.

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